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The ideal outdoor living space is a space of personal sanctuary. It is a place for reflection, relaxation, relationships, and memories. From simple to elaborate designs, the only limit is your imagination. Affordable Exterior Solutions is your local expert in designing and building your year-round oasis. We've been serving the Northwest since 1999.

Your home is your biggest investment. It's an even better investment if you add an outdoor living space. The reason being is that they not only expand your living area, it also gives you countless ways to relax and have fun. 

At Affordable Exterior Solutions, we don't believe the elements should force you inside. We take pride in creating an outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed year round. Our custom patio covers are a big hit here in the PNW. Add some heaters or fireplaces for that extra added heat in the winters.

Outdoor living spaces make you want to spend more time outside. Whether enjoying a nice dinner outside with family and friends, watching flowers bloom, birds flying by, or simply enjoying a beautiful sunset you will feel at one with nature. Life can be hectic, which is why creating an outdoor oasis can be so beneficial to your health and peace of mind. There is nothing better for the body than some fresh air.

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